Trims & Fixings

Trims & Fixings
  • The easy DIY alternative to tiling
  • Easy to fit
  • Looks like real tiles

Trims & Fixings

  • wall panels adhesive

    We use only the best panel adhesive for our walls and ceilings

    We have a range of adhesive that can be used with your panels for quick and easy installation.

  • wall panels trims

    Low maintenance panel trims create the perfect match and are easy to fit with basic DIY skills.

    From bathrooms to kitchens, all our trims are carefully designed to work alongside our extensive range of products.

adhesive & fixings

Adhesive & Fixings

Shop our range of wall panel adhesive products online today. You’re bound to find everything required for a seamless installation.

panel trims


We have a range of trims that can be used for bathroom, ceiling or wall panels. All of which are extremely easy to fit and maintain.

Make the installation of your project a breeze
with our helpful advice and installation guides

Help, advice and installation guidance

Are you looking for trims and fixings that’ll help complete your wall panel installation? From bathrooms to kitchens, all our fixtures are carefully designed to work alongside with our extensive range of products. It’s never been easier to do a DIY installation!

Because our internal panels have a unique interlocking tongue and groove system, you don’t need to purchase thousands of accompanying tools to help install your new wall solution.

In fact, we stock adhesive and trims that’ll allow you to complete the installation of your wall panels in a matter of minutes.

It’s not just the easy installation that our trims and fixings can help, though. Because the silicone glue and overall design of our wall panels are anti-bacterial, you won’t need to worry about cleaning and maintaining your panels (like you would a traditional tile).

Browse our range of trims and fixings for wall panels here, or contact us today on 0114 332 8210. We’re like a one-stop shop for wall panel accessories, and we’re confident that there’s something for you.