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Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Wood Panels


Size: 1220x600x2.5mmQty Pack: 1

Create a stylish acoustic transformation in any personal or public space with Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Wood Panels.

  • Aesthetic Sound Transformation: Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Wood Panels will help to redefine style and sound efficiency, suiting restaurants, offices, homes, and education facilities. Their innovative build absorbs and dampens sound waves, reducing echoes and background noise.
  • Unmatched Sound Control: Experience unparalleled sound management with Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Panels. They have sound-absorbing felt backing that reduces ambient noise, creating a serene environment.
  • Style Meets Function: With their functional elegance, these panels don’t just silence sound – they add character. The slatted design combines style and soundproofing.
  • Effortless Installation: Practicality reigns. Install these soundproofing panels with ease, catering to all DIY abilities. The straightforward fitting transforms spaces without hassle.
  • Lasting Quality: Built to last, these panels boast premium materials. Their enduring performance ensures long-term satisfaction.

‌Stylish Acoustic Transformation with Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Wood Panels

‌Sound proofing panels don’t have to be aesthetically disappointing. Any space can be transformed for style and acoustic efficiency with walnut black felt sound proofing panels. These acoustic wall panels can be used in restaurants, offices, residential homes or educational facilities. With their innovative construction, these panels possess the ability to absorb and dampen sound waves, reducing echo and background noise.

Unparalleled Sound Management: The acoustic panels include sound-absorbing felt backing that effectively minimises ambient noise, transforming your environment into a tranquil haven.

Aesthetic Brilliance: While they are excellent sound proofing qualities, these acoustic wood panels also have a sense of style. Their slatted panel design is functional, elegant and charming. The panels don’t just absorb sound, they give a space character and charisma.

Easy to Install: These sound proofing panels are practical and easy to install for people with all DIY abilities. The fitting is straightforward and hassle-free. They will transform the look of any space.

Quality: The acoustic wood panels are made of premium materials and will perform exceptionally for the long term.

These Walnut Black Felt Acoustic Wall Panels are 2400mm x 600mm and 22mm thickness.


Size: 1220x600x2.5mm
Length: 600mm
Thickness: 22mm
Width: 2400mm
Qty Pack: 1
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