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Light Grey Marble (Matt) Shower Wall Panels, Aquabord 3 x Wall Panel Kit


Size: 1220x600x2.5mmQty Pack: 3

‌Upgrade your shower with the elegance of Aquabord’s Matt Grey Shower Wall Panels. Experience modern refinement and effortless installation.

  • Seamless Installation: Achieve a sleek appearance with easy setup, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Waterproof Design: Tongue-and-groove joints ensure top-notch water resistance, safeguarding your walls.
  • Customised Look: Adaptable to different wall sizes, maintaining a harmonious aesthetic.
  • Hygienic & Simple Maintenance: Cleaning is a breeze, alleviating concerns about dirt or mould.
  • Comprehensive Package: All-inclusive kit for your convenience.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-Year Guarantee.

In stock

Elevate Your Shower with Easy Installation of Aquabord Matt Grey Shower Wall Panels

Upgrade your shower with the sophistication of Aquabord’s Matt Grey Shower Wall Panels. Immerse yourself in modern refinement and enjoy an installation process that is as effortless as it is rewarding.

Unparalleled Aesthetic Enhancement: The versatility of our Matt Grey Shower Wall Panels ensures that you can effortlessly revamp your shower, turning it into a stunning showcase of modern elegance.

Seamless Installation: Transform your shower with utmost simplicity. Designed for ease of setup, our panels grant you the ability to achieve a professional look, regardless of your DIY expertise. Even novices will find it a breeze.

Enhanced Water Protection: The meticulously engineered tongue-and-groove joints of our panels guarantee not only a snug fit but also impeccable water resistance. Shield your walls from moisture with utmost confidence, creating a worry-free and hygienic shower environment.

Customized Elegance: No matter the dimensions of your space, our panels adapt seamlessly. They ensure that your shower bears a harmonious appearance that transcends the boundaries of size and layout, creating an environment that is both visually appealing and functionally efficient.

Hygienic Ease: Embrace the luxury of a shower that remains pristine with minimal effort. These panels require only a quick and simple cleaning routine, minimizing concerns about dirt or mold and ensuring that your shower remains a sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort.

All-Inclusive Convenience: Our commitment to your shower upgrade goes beyond aesthetics and functionality. The Aquabord Matt Grey

Shower Wall Panels kit contains:
3 x Aquabord PVC Panels
4 x Satin Chrome Edge Trim
2 x Satin Chrome Internal Corners
3 x Cladseal Base Trim with Endcaps
6 x High Power Flexi Bond Adhesive
3 x Silicone Sealants

With this comprehensive array of elements, your journey towards a transformed shower space is made remarkably smooth and satisfying.

Assured Excellence: Your investment in a Matt Grey Shower Wall Panel upgrade is further fortified by our 10-Year Guarantee. Revel in a decade of assurance, knowing that the quality and durability of your shower enhancement is supported by our commitment to excellence.

Experience the fusion of aesthetics and practicality as you embark on a journey to upgrade your shower with Aquabord’s Matt Grey Shower Wall Panels. These panels redefine your shower’s ambiance, transforming it into a haven of modern luxury that seamlessly marries style with convenience. With effortless installation, impeccable water resistance, and an all-inclusive package, your shower space is poised to become a testament to contemporary elegance and unrivalled comfort.


Style Effect: Marble Effect Wall Panels
Size: 1220x600x2.5mm
Length: 2400mm
Thickness: 10mm
Width: 1000mm
Qty Pack: 3
Colour: Grey
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