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Shower heads and valves


Size: 1220x600x2.5mmQty Pack: 1

Hygienic, durable, simple to install, and totally waterproof.

You can get the look of genuine grey slate in a more cost-effective and durable product when you choose Aquafloor Tile Slate polymer flooring. Our grey tile slate offers an authentic look with a low gloss finish that mimics genuine slate in both colour and visual texture.

Note that Aquafloor polymer laminate flooring is an ideal solution for all wet rooms in your home. Think kitchen and bathroom projects here. As a solid polymer product, Aquafloor stands up to liquids extremely well. It is 100% waterproof and, when installed correctly, leakproof as well. Tying everything together is the fact that Aquafloor laminate flooring is hygienic and simple to install.

Aquafloor’s tongue-and-groove design makes installation as simple as measuring, cutting, and sliding pieces in place. Indeed, it only takes moderate DIY skills to complete an Aquafloor project. And once finished, you will have a beautiful and durable floor backed by our 10-year guarantee.

If you want the look of genuine slate without the prohibitive cost or maintenance, we hope you will consider Aquafloor Tile Slate in grey. You will not be disappointed by this outstanding flooring material.

Each pack covers 2.16m2 giving you a cost of £27.77 per square metre. 

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Showers, Shower Heads and Valves

Establishing and maintaining a strong working relationship with leading companies such as Grohe and Linea, IPSL is able to offer more choice and variety in showers and shower heads than ever before. Get the most out of your showering experience and browse through our range of shower heads and valves to find the design that meets your requirements.

Our collection of top quality showers offer a mixture of body jets, diverter valves, or ultra modern waterfall heads. Our products come with safety features to ensure the water temperature won’t fluctuate to the point of scalding, and offer high performance while remaining eco friendly.

Electric Showers

Electric showers from Grohe are built to last; a silicon ridge protects the shower head from knocks and bumps, the long-life shine finish is resistant to soil and tarnishing, and an inner water guide makes for a longer life for the hand shower. View our brochure for details.

Why buy showers and shower heads from IPSL?

  • A huge choice of heads and valves to suit any décor
  • Built in safety features on many products to prevent scalding
  • Lasting, high quality products to give you the ultimate showering experience


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          Size: 1220x600x2.5mm
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          Thickness: N/A
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          Qty Pack: 1
          Colour: White
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