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Ocean Blue Shower Wall Panel Kit, Proclad 2 x Wall Panels


Size: 2440x1220x2.5mmQty Pack: 2

Proclad’s Ocean Blue Shower Wall Panels made from durable PVC and available in a striking ocean blue shade, these wall panels provide a hassle-free and hygienic solution for your bathroom upgrade. Discover the convenience of installation through lightweight panels accompanied by comprehensive instructions, and relish the benefits of their 100% waterproof nature, all assured by a 10-year guarantee.

  • 100% Waterproof: Safeguard your walls completely with Proclad’s Ocean Blue Wall Cladding.
  • Easy Installation: Achieve professional results effortlessly using the provided step-by-step guidance. Basic DIY skills, along with a companion, are sufficient for a successful installation
  • Comprehensive Kit: Everything you need to complete a professional installation.
  • Easy Care: Maintain your bathroom’s pristine condition effortlessly by cleansing the panels with soap and water.
  • Tailored Fit: Effortlessly customise the panels to encircle your bathroom fixtures, resulting in a flawless and integrated appearance.

In stock

Benefits Of Installing Ocean Blue Shower Wall Panels

Upgrade and refine your bathroom’s ambiance and practicality by integrating Proclad’s Ocean Blue Shower Wall Panels into your design scheme. Meticulously crafted from robust PVC and showcasing a captivating ocean blue hue, these panels offer a pragmatic and hygienic solution to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics. Immerse yourself in a seamless installation process facilitated by lightweight panels complemented by comprehensive instructions. Experience the array of benefits provided by their 100% waterproof composition, fortified by an unwavering 10-year guarantee for added reassurance.

Unparalleled Waterproof Integrity: Elevate the level of wall protection provided by Proclad’s Ocean Blue Wall Cladding, ensuring a robust and secure environment for your bathroom.

Effortless Installation: Achieve outcomes reminiscent of seasoned professionals through the provided step-by-step guidance. Basic DIY skills, accompanied by the involvement of a partner, are adequate for achieving a successful installation.

Comprehensive Kit: Streamline your installation endeavour with the aid of a comprehensive package that includes essential components:

2 x Proclad Panels
3 x Edge Trims
1 x Internal Corner
2 x Sealux Base Trims
1 x Base Trim End Cap
4 x Adhesive
2 x Silicone

This comprehensive assortment ensures that every aspect of your installation process is meticulously accounted for, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Easy Maintenance: Preserve your bathroom’s impeccable allure with straightforward cleaning methods—panels can be effortlessly cleansed using soap and water.

Tailored Precision: Elevate the cohesion and integration of your bathroom fixtures by skillfully customising the panels to envelop them. This meticulous tailoring culminates in a seamless and harmonious visual presentation, showcasing your attention to detail and the versatile capabilities of Proclad’s Ocean Blue Wall Panels.


Style Effect: Plain
Size: 2440x1220x2.5mm
Length: 2440mm
Width: 1220mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Qty Pack: 2
Colour: Blue
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