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Concrete Effect Shower Wall Panels, Mermaid 2 x Wall Panel Kit


Size: 2400x900x10.5mmQty Pack: 2

Discover the effortless luxury of our Mermaid shower wall panels in convenient readymade kits, designed to bring the modern appeal of a concrete effect to your shower enclosure. With a versatile range of options, we ensure a tailored solution that suits your preferences.

  • 100% Waterproof: Enjoy complete protection, ensuring a safe and dry shower environment.
  • Effortless Installation: Achieve a professional finish with moderate DIY skills, no grouting required.
  • Low Maintenance: Easily wipe panels with soap and water for lasting cleanliness.
  • Comprehensive Kit: All-inclusive package for a seamless and professional shower wall installation.

In stock

Discover the Advantages of Our Concrete Effect Shower Wall Panel Kits

Indulge in the world of contemporary sophistication and convenience with our remarkable Mermaid panels presented in thoughtfully curated readymade kits. Envision transforming your shower enclosure into a realm of concrete-inspired elegance that merges seamlessly with modern functionality. These meticulously designed kits encompass an array of options, ensuring that your preferences find a perfect match. Upholding our commitment to excellence, every kit is fortified with a 10-year guarantee, serving as a testament to their enduring allure and practicality.


Concrete Elegance Redefined: Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of a concrete effect, transcending your shower into a work of art.

Unyielding Water Defences: Embrace the reassurance of a watertight sanctuary, shielding your space from any moisture-related concerns.

DIY Installation Made Effortless: Empower yourself with the ability to achieve a polished, professional result, even with basic DIY skills, all without the hassle of grouting.

Streamlined Upkeep: Elevate your convenience with easy cleaning – a quick wipe down with soap and water maintains the panels’ immaculate appearance.

All-Encompassing Kit: Our kits come complete with a comprehensive assortment of components, ensuring a flawless and professional installation of your shower walls.

Kit Includes:

2 x 2400x900mm Panels
2 x Edging Profiles
Internal Corner
2 x White Transeal Profile (sits on shower tray)
End Caps
2 x Adhesive
2 x Sealux N
Alcohol Wipes
Mitre Box
Corner Brace Tool
Home Care Kit (supplied with internal corner and edging profile in a polished chrome finish.)

Unveil an exquisite range of kits, panels, and profiles to craft a shower space that personifies your unique vision. With Mermaid panels, you’re not merely embracing the ordinary – you’re embracing the extraordinary. Witness your everyday showering transcend into a luxurious ritual, all the while maintaining a captivating aesthetic that remains timeless through the ages.


Style Effect: Other
Size: 2400x900x10.5mm
Length: 2400mm
Width: 900mm
Thickness: 10.5mm
Qty Pack: 2
Colour: Grey
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call_2_action styled_box guarantee_box

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