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Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit, Proclad 3 x Wall Panels


Size: 2440x1220x2.5mmQty Pack: 3

Transform your shower room with Proclad’s Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit – an exceptional 100% waterproof, easy-to-install, and durable solution that guarantees a hassle-free and hygienic upgrade. Revel in the convenience of lightweight panels, supported by a 10-year guarantee.

  • Complete Waterproofing: Enjoy unwavering waterproof protection for your walls courtesy of Proclad’s Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit.
  • Effortless Installation: Achieve a polished outcome effortlessly with the provided instructions – basic DIY skills and a helper are sufficient.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Encounter a smooth installation process through the all-inclusive kit, covering everything needed for a seamless shower wall upgrade.
  • Easy Upkeep: Keep your shower room immaculate by easily wiping panels with soap and water.
  • Tailored Elegance: Personalise panels with ease, ensuring they fit effortlessly with bathroom fixtures for a seamlessly refined appearance.

In stock

Benefits for Using a Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit

Transform and uplift your shower area with the remarkable Proclad Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit – a utilitarian and enduring solution that guarantees a seamless, hassle-free, and hygienic upgrade. These panels boast an impressive 100% waterproof feature and are remarkably easy to install, all backed by a robust 10-year guarantee that instills confidence.

Key Features and Benefits:

100% Waterproof: Place your trust in the Proclad Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit, knowing your walls will remain impeccably shielded.

Effortless Installation: Thanks to the comprehensive instructions provided, achieving a polished, professional look is a straightforward process. Basic DIY skills and a helpful hand are all you need.

Comprehensive Kit: The inclusiveness of this kit is its strength, containing every essential component for a seamless and hassle-free shower wall upgrade.

Low-Maintenance Elegance: Sustaining your shower room’s immaculate charm is effortlessly achieved – a gentle wipe with soap and water maintains the pristine appearance.

Tailored Precision: The panels are easily customisable to harmonise with your bathroom fixtures, ensuring a seamless integration that radiates a refined charm.

Included in the kit:
3 x Proclad Panels
4 x Edge Trims
2 x Internal Corners
3 x Sealux Base Trims
1 x Base Trim End Cap
6 x Adhesive
3 x Silicone.

Indulge your shower space with the dependable and practical attributes of Proclad’s Blush Pink Shower Wall Panel Kit, a testament to the perfect blend of quality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness. Elevate your shower experience and enjoy the transformation brought about by this impressive offering.


Style Effect: Plain
Size: 2440x1220x2.5mm
Length: 2440mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Width: 1220mm
Qty Pack: 3
Colour: Pink
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