Hygienic Panels

  • The easy DIY alternative to tiling
  • Easy to fit
  • Looks like real tiles

When you’re preparing food in a kitchen, hygiene is key. Failure to keep walls and surfaces germ-free could cause serious illness, and you already know that tiled kitchen walls are a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and other harmless dirt. You spend so much time cleaning them, but you wish there was an easier alternative, right?

Luckily for you, there is. You can eliminate this risk (and significantly reduce your cleaning time) by switching to hygienic wall panels.

That’s because PVC panels restrict the growth of mould and bacteria. Because there’s no grouting for the germs to harvest, your kitchen will instantly become more hygienic and food-safe after installing PVC panels.

To learn more about the hygiene rating of our panels, contact us on 0114 221 0714 today. Or, you can browse our wide range of hygienic wall panels online. You’re bound to find the perfect match for your kitchen!

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