Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels
  • The easy DIY alternative to tiling
  • Easy to fit
  • Looks like real tiles

Interested in renovating your bathroom and replacing old, dirty tiles with a modern (and easier) equivalent? From elegant and traditional styles to unique patterns and prints, we have a huge selection of bathroom wall panels that are bound to suit your requirements.

Bathroom wall panels are becoming increasingly popular because of their easy installation. Unlike tiles where homeowners need to mix-up a bucket of grout, our wall panels for bathrooms take just a matter of seconds to slot into place – thanks to the unique tongue and groove interlocking system.

Still not convinced? Think about this: the PVC surface of our wall panels doesn’t allow mould to grow. Say goodbye to hour-long cleaning and maintenance routines for your bathroom. A damp cloth, some sponge and a few spare minutes is all you’ll need to maintain your wall panels!

View our collection of bathroom wall panels below, or contact us today to find the perfect solution for your bathroom.

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Ultimate Guide to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Wall Panels:

Bathroom wall panels are becoming more and more common for a variety of reasons. Wall panels are easy to use, spare you time and money to mount. The panels are highly hygienic since they are simple to clean and require limited maintenance. Wall panels can also be mounted around the ceilings and walls of your bathroom, depending on the style.

Owing to the resilience of wall panels, they often have a longer lifetime than other common bathroom walling solutions, such as tiles, making them highly economically feasible. Based on the wall panel material you have selected, the paint and pattern choices are different, giving you plenty of flexibility when constructing your bathroom.

To offer you faith in buying bathroom wall panels from the internet, here is our comprehensive guide. With so many various brands and choices, it's difficult to decide which is the right one to pick from, so we've identified some of the benefits and drawbacks of common wall panels, as well as some simple questions you may have about bathroom wall panels.

PVC Boards/wall panels


PVC is a perfect material to be used in bathroom wall panels due to its longevity and tough capabilities. In a damp room, it also holds a time test as it is 100% water-resistant and will not rust or produce black spots. It needs minimum washing and will look as good as new with a quick and daily soap and simple water cleaning. PVC also comes in a variety of colors and textures to complement the bathroom design. PVC also comes with a tongue and groove interlocking system, ensuring that wide walls can be protected without connecting trims.


Because of its honeycomb structure, PVC boards can be as fragile as 1 mm thick in areas and can be destroyed if they have an impact. This might result in time-consuming and expensive repairs. Strengthened PVC shower boards are available and are even more sturdy. PVC shower wall panels must be properly mounted to make sure that they are waterproof and preserve their usefulness for a prolonged period. PVC panels offer a small variety of colors and textures relative to solid core panels.

Solid Core Boards


Solid core panels are made of solid core material, typically MDF or plywood, which is then coated with a water resistance surface on both the front and backside. Like PVC panels, solid core shower boards may be mounted directly to an existing wall or also over tiles. Solid core panels are also easy to mount and are fairly affordable. Another benefit is that these panels are also heavier and sturdier than PVC panels. Solid core panels are produced in over a hundred different textures and shades and can also be made with an image of your preference. Many solid core panels are accessible with the choice of tongue and groove and a clean-cut option requiring trim less mounting on wider walls.


Solid core panels can be more costly than a PVC bathroom wall panel. Some cleaning solutions can fade the appearance of solid core panels that have been coated, so you'll need to be careful when selecting your cleaning solutions. If the solid-core panel has been cut to align and wrongly mounted, the risks of water pouring in are higher, which may cause corrosion and damage which could lead to the panel being removed. Please check that the installation directions are implemented properly and correctly.

Acrylic Boards


Acrylic boards are ultra-high glossy panels that give the look of a Glass Backsplash but at a much lower cost. Acrylic bathroom panels can be carved on-site using tools and equipment to decrease assembly times, which ensures that no tempering service is needed, unlike glass splash backs that cause your bath, or kitchen backsplash, to be back in a working condition much quicker. Comparable to the PVC, acrylic panels come in several colors to fit the theme of your bathroom. Acrylic boards are also suited to the elegant futuristic look of many luxury bathrooms and functional construction specifications.


Acrylic wallboards are more costly than PVC or solid core panels. Acrylic panels do not comply with a tongue and the groove alternative, meaning that strips are needed when covering a broad area. Acrylic wall panels are more appropriate for a specific section, for example, if you only choose to use wall panels on a portion of your bathroom, such as a toilet cubicle. Acrylic panels can be challenging to trim and take special care and assembly without breaking or cracking. You also need to make sure that the instructions are read and implemented properly.

The above-mentioned three common types of bathroom wall panels can be found easily. All three of them have their benefits and drawbacks which we have explained in detail. Now you know the different bathroom panel options that are easily available to choose from and which one will suit the style of your bathroom perfectly, let us guide you on some different factors you need to consider when you go shopping for bathroom wall panels.

Factors to consider when shopping for bathroom wall panels:

Once you are done choosing the right type of boards as your bathroom wall panels, there are a few things to consider which are very important before you make your final decision. So, let us jump in and see what they are:


The nature of all shower boards, whether acrylic, PVC, or solid core, is fully water-resistant. The only possible weak point is when panels are joined side by side, in an inner or outer corner, or at the base of the panels. The panels must be fully sealed at these stages. Always, make sure that you buy or import authentic shower wall panel trims and joints from the retailer and not from a third party. Sealing the joints properly will prevent water from coming in by all means.


One of the advantages of bathroom wall panels is the easy coverage they offer. Bathroom panels are usually accessible in either sheet-like panels or thin stripes with a laminate flooring width. They can both be easily fitted. The overall width of the accessible ranges appears to be around 1000mm. Two of these are typically sufficient for most of the corner shower area designs. Although you might require 3 boards plus a connecting trim for a wider walk-in shower facility.

These boards also have the option of the tongue and groove mounting or a square edge. The square edge is all right for corner builds. The length of the water-resistance shower boards varies from 2000 to 2400 mm.


It's safe to say that there are a ton more tile options available than shower wall panels. Note, this is a fairly young market. Cheaper labels prefer to concentrate on common lines such as plain white or blackboards or the finest white glow. Traditionally, marble models were also famous with older shoppers. Different brands have different designs and styles for the panels, so you need to do extensive research and choose the correct design which not only complements your bathroom design but also keeps it modern yet simple.

If you like to choose the customized panel option, you can even get your template or image illustrated up on the boards. Note that this could be a costly method.

What are the Advantages of installing bathroom wall panels tiling?

Let's make one thing straight, there's nothing off with the conventional tiling in your bath. The wide range of models, choices for all budgets, and utter affordability will continually make them a good water-resistant choice for a lot of people.

However, there are a few reasons which might make you choose bathroom wall panels over tiling, some of those are.


Usually, they're much easier to buy on a square meter scale. These panels are eco-friendly and easy to clean as they avoid the development of moulds and mealybugs that normally exist in the tile groove. It takes less regular maintenance as a quick wipe will wash off the mud and preserve a polished finish.


They're easier to mount because of the dimension and coverage of the boards. It can save you money and time for assembling and tightening, but most significantly, it would shield the bathroom from moulding and discoloration for a longer period. With careful bathroom care procedures, it could last forever than any other common bathroom cladding alternative, including tiles.


You may fit over existing tiles, painted walls, or textures that aren't ideal. You may use wall panels for any wall that you don’t like in your space and want to revamp it but don’t want to lose a fortune on it. Wall panels are also a great choice to redecorate and enhance the style of your household.


They're easier to build, you wouldn't need a bricklayer or a bathroom fitter, almost all handyman would be able to match and cost much less per hour than a tiler or a wet tradesperson.


The same as tiling, you can cover whole walls, not just for places that always crossed paths with moisture. This paneling can also be used to fit in various parts of your space. You should discover various roles to bring aesthetics and design to various areas of your house, including your kitchen, laundry room, or any other powder room. It's a trendy DIY to try if you like fewer joints and stronger panels for your buildings.


There are different styles that anyone can pick from to beautify the walls. If you're a fan of a traditional look or a medieval feel or a fan of dazzling styles, you can pick the effect that fits your taste. You can set the best tone for your shower walls in these design options that you can pick from:


It is a series of typical mosaics, classic stone tiles, and marble backsplash. If you're looking for a Cladding panel with a touch of Mediterranean influence or a basic tile effect that offers modern elegance, the tile effect panel set does have something for sure.


If you're elegant, the sparkle panel designs will suit you better. These panels exude beauty with a finely crafted diamond impact finish.


If you're looking for something rustic or just a softer contemporary feel, these styles of panels will allow turning your house into an urban-chic New York city theme with a wet room wall.


If you want to build your bathroom with real wood, these panels will match your style with a choice of light oak, white wood, or even wood mosaics.

Can you attach bathroom accessories to bathroom wall panels?

It is one of the things that prospective customers are looking for all the time. At the end of the day these panels are intended to be used in a bathroom where a water valve and probably a bathtub faucet are attached to the wall. The conclusion is yes obviously. Drainage system functions, as well as bathroom fixtures, can all be installed with bathroom wall panels. Undoubtedly, special caution in terms of sealing has to be taken at the fitting points, but it should not be a matter for a professional fitter.


We hope that this guide has addressed all the most critical questions you have about bathroom wall panels. If there is something you do need to hear, no matter how absurd it might seem, please fire it in the comment section below. We will respond as soon as possible and also modify the post as needed.


  • bathroom wall panels

    Our bathroom wall panels offer unbeatable quality, that’s why they have a 10 Year Warranty.

    The high quality alternative to tiles for a beautiful modern home. Easy to install with basic DIY skills.

  • bathroom wall panels

    Low maintenance wall panels, an alternative to tiling and easy to fit with basic DIY skills.

    All our panels are waterproof, mould free, scratch resistant and have a 10 Year Warranty

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Longing for the swish bathroom you see in magazines but instead find yourself staring at blackened grout and scummy pink tiles?

Bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution for any renovation.

Incredibly versatile, these beautiful panels come in different prints, patterns and colours to suit every taste. And the best thing is the installation. There’s no need for grout - it’s messy to apply and crumbles away after a few weeks, causing tiles to loosen. Bathroom wall panels use a unique tongue and grove interlocking system so they simply slot into place. They are easy to cut and can even be placed on top of existing tiles.

So, however large or small your bathroom, we can find the perfect wall cladding to enhance your space.

Did we mention how easy they are to clean? Because bathroom wall panels have a PVC surface, mould simply can’t grow on them, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Simply use a warm damp cloth to remove any residue that has built up and say sayonara to an hour in your marigolds. We have an incredible range of scratch-proof bathroom wall panels and while we offer competitive prices, we never compromise on quality – and what’s more, we offer a 10-year guarantee.

Order your bathroom wall panels today and get a great deal on matching trims from Internal Wallpanels.