• The easy DIY alternative to tiling
  • Easy to fit
  • Looks like real tiles


  • bathroom wall panels

    Our bathroom wall panels offer unbeatable quality, that’s why they have a 10 Year Warranty.

    The high quality alternative to tiles for a beautiful modern home. Easy to install with basic DIY skills.

  • bathroom wall panels

    Low maintenance wall panels, an alternative to tiling and easy to fit with basic DIY skills.

    All our panels are waterproof, mould free, scratch resistant and have a 10 Year Warranty

shower wall panels

Shower Wall Panel Kits

Are you looking to find stunning shower wall panels to transform your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary?

wall panels

Bathroom Wall Panels

Interested in renovating your bathroom and replacing old, dirty tiles with a modern (and easier) equivalent?

decorative wall panels

Decoractive Wall Panels

Our bathroom decorative wall panels are extremely easy to fit, thanks to the unique tongue and groove interlocking system.

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels

Are you looking for a ceiling solution that’s easier than tiling and more modern than paint? Look no further!

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Bathroom Flooring

Discover our stunning range of tough and durable waterproof flooring panels, ideal for bathrooms and shower rooms.

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Product Help

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Longing for the swish bathroom you see in magazines but instead find yourself staring at blackened grout and scummy pink tiles?

Bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution for any renovation.

Incredibly versatile, these beautiful panels come in different prints, patterns and colours to suit every taste. And the best thing is the installation. There’s no need for grout - it’s messy to apply and crumbles away after a few weeks, causing tiles to loosen. Bathroom wall panels use a unique tongue and grove interlocking system so they simply slot into place. They are easy to cut and can even be placed on top of existing tiles.

So, however large or small your bathroom, we can find the perfect wall cladding to enhance your space.

Did we mention how easy they are to clean? Because bathroom wall panels have a PVC surface, mould simply can’t grow on them, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Simply use a warm damp cloth to remove any residue that has built up and say sayonara to an hour in your marigolds. We have an incredible range of scratch-proof bathroom wall panels and while we offer competitive prices, we never compromise on quality – and what’s more, we offer a 10-year guarantee.

Order your bathroom wall panels today and get a great deal on matching trims from Internal Wallpanels.